Azeus Convene Board Portal Advantages

Azeus Convene is a safe and comfortable working environment designed for managers and executives. It helps to focus on work and spend less time on meetings, paperwork. You can connect with colleagues and resolve business issues from the comfort of your home or office with Azeus Convene.

Benefits of Azeus Convene

The boards of companies will be interested in using Azeus Convene for several reasons:

  1. Ability to deliver compelling presentations. Azeus Convene allows you to hold conferences and meetings with broadcast presentations – the program has all the necessary tools to create them. In this way, you make the virtual meeting interesting and exciting, one that is worth listening to.
  2. It is easy to conduct voting, polls, sign documents. The software contains layouts for voting and polls of various types. And also there is an opportunity to sign documents using an electronic signature. The program can generate some documentation on its own.
  3. Protecting your data at the highest level. The board of companies is associated with a large number of corporate documents. Many of them should not fall into the wrong hands. This is guaranteed by the Azeus Convene product, which reliably protects all information that you transmit or store on the platform. It’s a powerful product whose encryption and authentication features keep outsiders out of your production processes.
  4. Optimizing the management and saving time. Since documents can now be stored in the cloud, you always have access to them: you can sign them, give them to someone for editing or approval, create joint editing of a document for a group of people.
  5. Intuitive interface. Even before the start of the meeting, beginners need to understand the program. In the case of Azeus Convene, there will be no difficulties, in it all options are intuitive, they can be easily found without outside help.

Statistics show that in a year using Azeus Convene, 20 companies were able to save about 60,000 sheets of paper, save up to 90% of the time for preparing for meetings and meetings, and also saved about 10,000 dollars that could have been spent on meetings and meetings.

Company clients

Azeus Convene has already been tried by various enterprises in more than 100 countries around the world. Even world giants must work with the Azeus Convene product, for example, companies from the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 lists. There are government agencies, banks, non-profit organizations among the clients.

Meeting tips at Azeus Convene

If you want to be productive at Azeus Convene, the following tips will help you organize your meeting:

  • Before starting the meeting, make sure everyone is connected.
  • Speak the rules of the meeting.
  • Warn participants to mute their microphones.
  • Ask to turn off the sound of mobile phones.
  • Agree in advance who will keep the protocol.

To make the conference less formal, experts advise adding interactive elements.

During self-isolation, the illusion arises that employees and partners have more free time. No need to go anywhere, no time is wasted on the road, which means that you can hold meetings and webinars as often as possible.

It is better to have only a few events but to devote as much time as possible to their preparation. Assign roles, create checklists for the facilitator and participants, train your team to properly participate in online meetings.